5" x 7" Photo Cards

Abstract Impressions
Reflections in a Blue Ceramic Pot
Trees, Clouds, and Sun Reflections
Animals Insects
Honeybee on an Echinacea Blossom
Gray Tabby Watching from the Reeds
Red Dragonfly on a Reed Frond
Praying Mantis Communion
Spiderlings on a Rubbish Bin Lid
Black Bumblebee on Ice Plant Blossom
Female Blue Dasher Dragonfly 1
Female Blue Dasher Dragonfly 2
Canda Goose on Lagune de Santa Rosa
Architecture Stonework
Arched Bridge over Hebden Canal
Ruins of St Thomas a Becket Church (built 1256)
Columns & Arch at the Middle Temple 1
Arches & Columns at the Middle Temple 2
Rain Puddle, Ripple, Wet Cobbles
Curved Stairway at Norling Guest House
Water, Stones & Foliage at Norling Guest House
Wohler Bridge over the Russian River
Norling Temple Buddha
Norling Buddha Offerings
Water and Moon Quan Yin
Last Sterling Silver of the Season
Cala Lilies after a March Rain
Sutter's Gold Climbing Hybrid Tea Rose
Peace Rose Blossom
Sun Cup Cactus Blossom
Pink Water Lily Bud 1
White Water Lily Blossom
Seed Heads from Oriental Poppies 1
Seed Heads from Oriental Poppies 2
Pink Water Lily and Reflection
Prickly Wild Rose - Rosa Acicularis
Cactus Blossom from Beneath
White Phalaenopsis Orchid Closeup
California Poppy Closeup
Amanita Muscaria
Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Cap
Cherry Tomato Volunteer
Queen of the Night Cactus 1
Grapes Vineyards
Sonoma Autumn Grapes 1
Sonoma End of Summer Grapes
Sonoma Autumn Grapes 3
Sonoma County Harvest Bounty
Sonoma Autumn Grapes 2
Computer Expert
Assi Ghat Puja Flower Sellers
3 Saris & 3 Boats at Lali Ghat
Sri Ram Enjoy Ram at Darbhanga Ghat
Varanasi Blue Door and Precariouly Balanced Stoop
Wall Shrine, Kali Wearing Winter Shawl
Ganga Arati at Dasaswamedh Ghat
Taj Mahal Dawn Reflections 1
Taj Mahal Dawn Reflections 2
Jawab Entryway, Domed Ceiling Detail
Taj Mahal, east side, Through Jawab Archway
Arches & Columns at Emperor Akbar's Palace
Colonnade and Walkway at Emperor Akbar's Palace
Monterosso New Town Beach
Vernazza Harbor
Glory Over Monterosso New Town
Overlooking Riomaggiore
Riomaggiore and Cinque Terre Coastline
Point Reyes Seashore from the Path to the Lighthouse
View of Mt Shasta
Reflections on the Kennet & Avon Canal
Early Morning Reflections at Mono Lake
Reflections in a Cactus Blossom Dew Drop
Reflections on the Grand Union Canal
San Francisco Skyline & Golden Gate Bridge
SF Skyline at Sunset
San Francisco Skyline Sunset
San Francisco Skyline and Bay Bridge at Sunset
San Francisco Bay Bridge from Treasure Island
SF Skyline Night Lights
GG Bridge in Night Fog
GG Bridge in Night Fog
GG Bridge and Fort Point Vista
GG Bridge from Marin Headlands
GG Bridge from North Overlook
Pir Shabda Sings Raga
Dargah of Hazrat Inayat Khan, from side
Sunrise Sunset
Christmas Sunset over Dorset Hills
Dawn Delight in San Bruno